• The first guide published in Paris in English, to help visitors to discover the City of lights as if they were being led by the hand !
    Le premier guide publié en France, en anglais, pour faciliter la vie des touristes à Paris !
    With Tip-Top Tips to Paris, go step-by-step, as if being led by the hand, on seven incredible walks through a city that's just brimming with a seemingly endless array of riches, wonders and delights!
    Compiled from over twenty years of hard-won knowledge and personal experiences, the more than 200 tips found in this guide will help you to move around, shop, eat, explore, discover or get to know the city of Paris, both inside and out, as good, if not better, than many of the people living in it!
    The dozens upon dozens of QR codes in the guide will also provide you with instant access to the kind of up-to-date information that most people need when either planning their trip or especially while they are on it.
    Qu'est-ce qu'un TIP en anglais ?
    Tip = un conseil d'ami
    Tip-Top = excellent ; premier choix
    Ce sont des " Bons plans ", des recommandations et des petits " trucs " et que l'auteur, Mark Gaito, Américain installé à Paris depuis 20 ans, propose à travers ce guide en anglais. Ces
    " conseils d'amis " permettront au visiteur qui découvre la capitale d'optimiser ses visites, de ne rien rater, de ne pas perdre son temps et d'être guidé par un amoureux de Paris.
    Mark partage ses adresses, ses coups de coeur et son amour pour Paris.
    Dans cet ouvrage à glisser dans une poche, il propose 7 promenades guidées dans la capitale.
    et au travers des 10 autres chapitres explore :
    - Comment se déplacer ?
    - Les monuments
    - Les parcs et jardins
    - les marchés, les rues commerçantes
    - Les cafés, restaurants, bistros et brasseries
    - Les boulangeries, patisseries, chocolateries et autres adresses gourmandes
    - Les take-out
    - Les fromageries et caves...
    - Le shopping : grands magasins, rues commerçantes et centres commerciaux
    - Les marchés aux puces
    - Les lieux romantiques
    Et à chaque page des TIPS : bonnes adresses, faits historiques, anecdotes, bons plans pour manger etc, mais aussi des FLASHCODES pour des informations toujours au Top !

  • In Food We Trust

    Mark Gaito

    After a cosmopolitan New Yorker moves to Paris and marries, of all people, a French country girl, he is soon whisked away to a distant place where people so strongly believe in one thing: their sacred food culture.          
    Not exactly melting into the crowd, as this city slicker knocks heads with the locals, he is taken aback by how food, to them, is not just something to eat, but a time-honored belief. A safe haven! A fundamental building block for a happy life!
    These are France's true food heroes, he decides, whose down to Earth cooking traditions, using only naturally acquired ingredients, are so spellbindingly delicious.
    Enlightening and funny, these 10 true stories take you on a sugarcoated adventure where the gathering, cooking and eating of French countryside food is what people put their faith in! What they undoubtedly trust, during these doubtful times.