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  • What role should parents play in their children's school lives ?

    Are homework and studying useful ?

    Does that mean discipline is not important during the homework and study period ?

    How can we prevent homework and studying from becoming an all-out battle ?

    Can parents help children learn how to learn ?

    What are the main learning strategies we should make children aware of ?

    In dealing with homework are boys really different from girls ?

    Girls and homework: is it always easier for them ?

    My child often forgets to write down what he is supposed to do so we never quite know what his homework is. How should we react ?

    My child's teacher is known for giving a lot of homework and it takes my child two to three hours to complete it. What can I do ?

    ... and the ones your children ask you.

    What's the point in doing homework if the teacher doesn't even correct it ?

    Why should I be forced to read if I don't like it ?

    ... and many other questions !