• Vous êtes toujours celui/celle qui se fait avoir ? Alors arrêtez de vous écraser, de céder aux autres, en un mot, de manquer de tripes ! Vous n'arrivez pas à vous faire entendre ? Parlez haut et fort ! Cessez d'être humble à l'excès (bannissez les « je crois », « il me semble »), allez à l'essentiel et dites ce qui compte vraiment pour vous ! Vous ne voulez plus vous faire marcher dessus ? Alors ne laissez pas les gens le faire ! Exigez vous-même respect et considération, personne ne vous les offrira d'office. Bref, prenez votre vie en main, n'attendez pas que tout vous tombe tout cuit dans le bec ! « Larry Winget encourage ses lecteurs à se frayer un chemin dans la vie, en apprenant à avoir des objectifs, du sang-froid, et la capacité d'apprendre de ses échecs. » Publishers Weekly

  • Une approche "coup de pied aux fesses" pour une vie meilleure

    Vous aimeriez avoir une vie amoureuse palpitante ? Réaliser un projet qui vous tient à coeur ? Changer de job pour vous épanouir enfin dans votre travail ? Bref, vous voulez que votre situation s'améliore ? Pour commencer : on arrête de se plaindre ! Voici un livre pour reprendre le dessus et mener la vie que vous voulez vraiment.
    Que votre problème soit lié à vos enfants, votre conjoint(e) ou votre travail, apprenez comment :
    - Définir clairement ce dont vous avez envie et ce qui vous motive.
    - Assumer ce que vous faites et ce que vous dites, même si c'est difficile (rupture, démission, promesse...).
    - Prendre soin de vous pour renvoyer une image positive de vous-même !
    - Vous cultiver et fréquenter les gens qui vous intéressent vraiment !

    Ce livre est une réédition de l'ouvrage du même titre paru en 2013.

  • Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life was immediately hailed as "not your average self-help book" and demanded attention and praise right out of the gate. It is now considered one of the icons of the personal development movement. Now, Larry Winget is back with his signature caustic, no-nonsense, hilarious style, which earned him the titles "Pitbull of Personal Development®" and "World's Only Irritational Speaker®." Winget's "get off your butt and go to work" approach to self-improvement boils success down to a simple formula: Everything in your life gets better when you get better. Get tangible advice from one of the world's most successful speakers and the author of five bestselling books and television personality. Learn the keys to turning your life, money and business around. Stop making excuses, stop blaming others and take responsibility for your life and your results The brutal advice he offers has changed the lives of millions of people and increased sales for countless businesses. In this Second Edition of Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life, Winget takes the same principles and expands the lessons with brand new examples, stories, and added wisdom. It may sound ruthless, but your life is your own fault and if you shut up, stop whining, and take action you can create a better life.

  • The Pitbull of Personal Development® Takes on Damn Near Everything! Larry Winget does not mince words, and in this latest addition to his straight-talking brand, one of the most iconic leaders of the personal development industry puts down in black and white, What's Wrong with Damn Near Everything! If you think the world is a mess, you already have a lot in common with Larry. The genius and power of his simple approach to turning around the parts of your life that need it has transformed people and businesses all over the world. Now, in this wildly entertaining and informative diagnosis and prescription, he narrows down the singular virus sickening the four most influential aspects in our lives: the people around us, our education system, business, and government. The illness rotting them all out can be blamed on people ignoring their core values. That's personal, and Larry goes there and then some, and that's why countless people have been converted into followers by watching him on television as he regularly appears on varied news programs and by buying enough of his books to put him on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. His shocking opinions and belly-laughing honesty all come unfiltered. If he offends you-good! You're engaged and really thinking about what's important to you. This single resource enables you to: Take real action to improve what's wrong with your business, family, and life. Get advice you can understand from a non-stop powerhouse coach. What's Wrong with Damn Near Everything! tells you all the simple truths to troubleshooting everyday problems in life and business.