• Ce livre nous ouvre les portes d'un village comme des centaines de milliers d'autres en Chine. Il nous donne les clés d'une réalité habituellement dissimulée. C'est une enquête passionnante, et un retour aux sources pour l'auteur, qui a pris pour objet d'étude le village reculé de la Plaine centrale qui l'a vue naître.
    Pendant cinq mois elle a écouté avec attention, l'un après l'autre, ses compagnons d'autrefois, ses parents, et aussi les notables et représentants de l'Etat dans le village. De ces entretiens émerge une image dense et complexe de la culture et du mode de vie rural en Chine : les différents lignages, les relations entre les clans, les joies, les peines et les aspirations des villageois.
    Liang Hong possède le double regard de l'universitaire qu'elle est devenue et de la fille de paysans qui ont vécu sur cette terre depuis toujours. C'est pourquoi son enquête est à la fois si instructive, éclairante, et profondément émouvante. Elle analyse de l'intérieur les mécanismes du dépérissement accéléré de la campagne chinoise. Les jeunes migrent massivement vers la ville, les liens familiaux se délitent, les rivières sont polluées, les écoles deviennent des porcheries...
    D'une communauté villageoise ordinaire, ce livre a fait l'exemple saisissant des défis que pose la modernité à la Chine tout entière.

  • This book presents a systematic design methodology for decoding the interior structure of the Antikythera mechanism, an astronomical device from ancient Greece. The historical background, surviving evidence and reconstructions of the mechanism are introduced, and the historical development of astronomical achievements and various astronomical instruments are investigated. Pursuing an approach based on the conceptual design of modern mechanisms and bearing in mind the standards of science and technology at the time, all feasible designs of the six lost/incomplete/unclear subsystems are synthesized as illustrated examples, and 48 feasible designs of the complete interior structure are presented. This approach provides not only a logical tool for applying modern mechanical engineering knowledge to the reconstruction of the Antikythera mechanism, but also an innovative research direction for identifying the original structures of the mechanism in the future. In short, the book offers valuable new insights for all readers who are interested in the Antikythera mechanism.

  • This book includes results of the seventh International Conference on Fuzzy Information and Engineering (ICFIE'2014) and the 1st International Conference of Operations Research and Management (ICORM'2014) on November 7-11, 2014 in ZhuHai, China. The book, contains 35 selected high-quality papers, and is divided into five main parts:Part I focuses on ``Fuzzy Systems and Its Applications", Part II on ``Fuzzy Mathematics and Its Applications", Part III discusses ``Fuzzy Information and Computer", Part IV is devoted to ``Operations Research and Management and Its Applications" and Part V includes various other topics.

  • This book focuses on the ellipsoidal function, which serves as an evolution and extension of the circular function (trigonometric function) and elliptic function. It presents an in-depth discussion of the ellipsoidal function (algebra) theory and the conformal mapping (geometry) theory of the ellipsoid function, demonstrating the outstanding performance of the ellipsoid function response filter. Applications of the ellipsoidal function include the capacitance of ellipsoidal conductors and the surface area of ellipsoids, which in turn correspond to ellipsoidal integrals of the first kind and the second kind, respectively. The book offers a valuable reference guide for undergraduates, graduate students and researchers in the related fields. 

  • This volume of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing highlights papers presented at the Fifth Euro-China Conference on Intelligent Data Analysis and Applications (ECC2018), held in Xi'an, China from October 12 to 14 2018. The conference was co-sponsored by Springer, Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications, VSB Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Fujian University of Technology, Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Digital Equipment, Fujian Provincial Key Lab of Big Data Mining and Applications, and Shandong University of Science and Technology in China. The conference was intended as an international forum for researchers and professionals engaged in all areas of computational intelligence, intelligent control, intelligent data analysis, pattern recognition, intelligent information processing, and applications.

  • This book explores the move from manufacturing towards service industry jobs in China's economic development during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. The service industry now makes up the highest proportion of the GDP and employs the largest number of people in China. In the next Five-Year Plan period, it is necessary to actively push forward the strategic transformation by placing emphasis on the service industry to press ahead with system and mechanism reforms and policy innovations and cultivate diverse, sustainable and continuous forces for driving its growth. Efforts are made to upgrade the service industry to better achieve economic and social development in an innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared way. This book will be of interest to scholars researching China's future. 

  • This book covers the up-to-date advancement of respiratory monitoring in ventilation support as well as detecting the physiological responses to therapeutic interventions to avoid complications. Mechanical ventilation nowadays remains the cornerstone in life saving in critically ill patients with and without respiratory failure. However, conclusive evidences show that mechanical ventilation can also cause lung damage, specifically, in terms of ventilator-induced lung injury.
    Respiratory monitoring encloses a series of physiological and pathophysiological measurements, from basic gas exchange and ventilator wave forms to more sophisticated diaphragm function and lung volume assessments. The progress of respiratory monitoring has always been accompanied by advances in technology. However, how to properly conduct the procedures and correctly interpret the data requires clear definition.
    The book introduces respiratory monitoring techniques and data analysis, including gas exchange, respiratory mechanics, thoracic imaging, lung volume measurement, and extra-vascular lung water measurement in the initial part. How to interpret the acquired and derived parameters and to illustrate their clinical applications is presented thoroughly. In the following part, the applications of respiratory monitoring in specific diseases and conditions is introduced, including acute respiratory distress syndrome, obstructive pulmonary diseases, patient-ventilator asynchrony, non-invasive ventilation, brain injury with increased intracranial pressure, ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction, and weaning from mechanical ventilation.
    This book is intended primarily for ICU physicians and other practitioners including respiratory therapists, ICU nurses and trainees who come into contact with patients under mechanical ventilation. This book also provides guidance for clinical researchers who take part in respiratory and mechanical ventilation researches.