Saga Egmont

  • Why Are You Being Educated? - 1 December 1965
    o What is the function of education?
    o Q: Some people say that we must live now and others say that we must be concerned with the future, beyond the present.
    o Q: Can Man really be human without any effort?
    o Q: What is the difference between affection and love?
    o Q: How am I to know that I am bad? How am I to improve?
    o Q: Why does nature attract us?

  • Relationship has significance only when it is a process of self-revelation - 17 July 1949
    o Where there is authority there can be no discovery of something new.
    o Relationship based on an idea cannot be a self-revealing process.
    o Self-knowledge is understood, uncovered and its process revealed through relationship.
    o Is it possible to love without the interference of the mind?
    o When the mind becomes supreme, all-important, then there can be no affection.
    o Q: What is that thinking that must come to an end? What do you mean by thinking and thought?

  • If we had no belief what would happen to us? - 23 July 1949
    o Without self-knowledge we cannot go beyond the self-projected illusions of the mind.
    o It's only in relationship that one can know oneself as one is.
    o A mind that is filled with beliefs, dogmas, assertions and quotations is an un creative, repetitive mind.
    o Can we look at ourselves without beliefs?
    o A mind that is quiet because it understands fear and understands itself is creative.
    o Q: Our mind knows only the known. What is it in us that drives us to find the unknown, reality, or God?

  • "If freedom is responsibility, how do I act? - 16 September 1972 o
    Q: What is the action that will be a total response to the world around us?
    o Can one respond totally without learning about love and death in relation to daily life?
    o Do we live, or do we tolerate living?
    o Do we live according to ideas and conclusions based on belief, dogma and memory?
    o Is there an action which dissipates all images?
    o Is love relationship in which there is no image? Is disorder relationship in which there is the image?
    o Can a mind seeking comfort learn about death?
    o Find out whether death is something to be avoided or to be lived with naturally.
    o Can the mind free itself from the known?
    o Q: What relationship has literature, beauty and art to our daily life?
    o Q: Were you conditioned by the Masters?
    o Q: Can one help someone in distress?"

  • Does self-knowledge come through searching? - 16 July 1949
    o What is it that most of us are seeking?
    o Does clarity come through searching and trying to find out what others say?
    o Can incessant search and longing give you the extraordinary sense of reality or creative being that comes when you really understand yourself?
    o Without knowing your background and the substance of your thought, where it comes from, surely your search is utterly futile and your action has no meaning.
    o The responsibility for any action depends on ourselves, not on others.
    o Q: Do I have to be at any special level of consciousness to understand you?
    o Q: The movement of life is experienced in relationship to people and to ideas?