• Le Roman des filles se poursuit en numérique !Rien ne va plus chez les filles ! Maëlle sent tiédir son amour pour Maxime, Chiara désespère de devenir un jour une grande comédienne et ne cesse de se disputer avec Mélissande, et, pour couronner le tout, Lily ne parle plus à ses trois amies. Sa nouvelle copine Bérénice est une fille étrange, timide et effacée. Mais est-ce là son vrai visage ?Entre mensonges, secrets et trahisons, l'amitié de nos quatre héroïnes va être mise à rude épreuve. Sauront-elles se retrouver ?Un roman pour les 12-16 ans.

  • Londres est un étonnant mélange d'excentricité et de romantisme, de tradition et de rock'n roll.
    Adoptez l'esprit british en 15 créations originales ! Déco, accessoires de mode, papeterie... chaque modèle est expliqué et photographié étape par étape.
    Pour les fournitures, suivez le guide : un carnet d'adresses vous indique les meilleurs fournisseurs à Londres, en France et sur le web !

  • The stunning and beautifully crafted conclusion to The Alchemists' Council series
    In Book Three of The Alchemists' Council trilogy, eternal conflicts between the Council and Rebel Branch escalate. Secrets about time-travel manipulation are revealed, uncomfortable truths about alchemical children are discovered, and Council dimension itself begins to disintegrate. Amidst this fallout, the Amber Garden dissolves, conjoined pairs suffer torturous separation, alchemists die in the process, and Cedar is banished to the outside world where she endures a living death within her conjoined partner.
    Efforts of both alchemists and rebels to resolve the dissolution of Council and Flaw dimensions prove futile. People of the outside world experience ever-increasing political turmoil and the risk of environmental collapse. Mercifully, the alchemists have woven a thread of hope into an alchemically inscribed book, which they release into the outside world with the purpose of attracting new Initiates to Council. At first, Initiate Virginia appears to be a disrespectful interloper with whom Jaden loathes to work. However, their combined scribal efforts prove astoundingly powerful - so much so that they are sent through time to inscribe critical messages into ancient manuscripts. Events associated with one such manuscript lead Cedar to propose a solution to the dimensional fallout: all remaining alchemists must permanently vacate Council dimension.

  • Light and matter are very closely linked in our modelling of the physical world. From the formulation of quantum theory to the invention of laser, the interaction between atoms and radiation has played a crucial role in the development of today's science and technology. By controlling this interaction, the lowest temperatures ever recorded are now reached. Cooling atomic gases with laser light produces "quantum matter" with radically different properties from those of ordinary fluids. These cold atoms are the cornerstone of a new metrology of time and space, with applications in a wide variety of fields, including navigation, telecommunication and geophysics.

  • Funny and lovely Picture Books for Little Ones!The best way for little ones to learn everything about time, days and hours, and to practise those fascinating words!Discover Fleurus charming picture books with simple images and texts to develop children's knowledge of the world around them.

  • This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Lee Smolin who is a faculty member of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. The basis of this wide-ranging conversation are Lee Smolin's books Life of the Cosmos and Time Reborn. This detailed discussion offers an investigation of time, both what it is and how the true nature of it impacts our world and future and provides behind-the scenes insights into the development of Lee Smolin's groundbreaking theory on the nature of time.

    This carefully-edited book includes an introduction, Full Circle, and questions for discussion at the end of each chapter:
    I. Physics via Architecture - The power of Einstein
    II. Justifying the Laws - Two possibilities
    /> III. Collaboration - Physics meets politics
    IV. Rolling Up Our Sleeves - Towards overcoming tautologies
    V. Cosmological Natural Selection - Evolutionary details
    VI. The Meta-law Dilemma - Harder and harder
    VII. Scientific Impact - Implications, applications and responses
    VIII. Making A Difference - The heart of the matter

    About Ideas Roadshow Conversations:

    This book is part of an expanding series of 100+ Ideas Roadshow conversations, each one presenting a wealth of candid insights from a leading expert through a focused yet informal setting to give non-specialists a uniquely accessible window into frontline research and scholarship that wouldn't otherwise be encountered through standard lectures and textbooks. For other books in this series visit our website: https://ideas-on-film.com/ideasroadshow/.

  • Each section of this guide includes a brief introduction to the list of strategies (affective, personal resources management, information management); a guide to reflective thinking consisting of statements of understandings, attitudes and strategies associated with succesful university studies; and more detailed explanations, advice and models._x000D_