• Rien ne va plus chez les filles ! Maëlle sent tiédir son amour pour Maxime, Chiara désespère de devenir un jour une grande comédienne et ne cesse de se disputer avec Mélissande, et, pour couronner le tout, Lily ne parle plus à ses trois amies. Sa nouvelle copine Bérénice est une fille étrange, timide et effacée. Mais est-ce là son vrai visage ? Entre mensonges, secrets et trahisons, l'amitié de nos quatre héroïnes va être mise à rude épreuve. Sauront-elles se retrouver ?

  • The local and the universal come together in these 37 short stories, brought into English by 37 different translators from all over the world.

    The result gives readers a flavour of the fresh new writing coming out of Quebec-and a reminder that there are at least 37 different ways to translate an author's voice.

    Translators include literary translation students, first-time and up-and-coming literary translators, world-renowned translators who have won major international prizes, some of Montreal's best writers and translators, a retired high-school French teacher in Ireland, and francophone authors translating into their second language. There are even people in there who (armed only with a dictionary and the priceless ability to write a beautiful sentence) barely speak French.

  • Briar has a vision for the one-act play she's been chosen to direct at her performing arts high school. She's going to create a masterpiece. If only everyone involved in the production shared her vision. Her leading lady is gifted but troubled, her leading man has a crush on the leading lady, her stage manager doesn't have a clue, and her best friend, who wrote the play, is worried that Briar's production is cursed. As Briar struggles to motivate her cast and crew, she learns some important truths about the fine art of directing—and about herself.

  • It's the start of a new season for Harrington High's improv team—and Chloe is determined that this will be the year they make it all the way to the top. Her teammates (who also happen to be her closest friends) are a talented bunch, and she knows they can do it. They have to. Because getting to nationals is Chloe's best chance to prove—to her parents, to the improv scouts and, most of all, to herself—that she has what it takes to succeed. Chloe is doing everything she can to help her teammates perform better. So why are they all mad at her?

  • Randi wants to be an actress and is excited about practicing her craft in drama class. So she is devastated to learn the program has been cut. When her friends put together a successful proposal to have drama class taught as an extracurricular activity, Randi is thrilled. Until the reality sinks in. Extracurriculars are scheduled after school, and after school Randi is expected to take care of her special-needs brother. Can Randi find a way to make it all work out?

  • When eight-year-old Josh and his family adopt an energetic puppy with a big personality and a talent for escaping, everyone is sure that obedience school will teach him good manners. But Bagels turns out to be a bigger handful than anyone predicted. He gets into the laundry, the groceries and the neighbor's koi pond. He even gets expelled from obedience school. Josh and his little sister, Becky, are worried that if Bagels doesn't shape up, their parents will send him back to the shelter. Can Bagels redeem himself before it's too late?

  • Author Stéphane Ternoise (http://www.frenchauthor.info) Translated by Kate-Marie Glover The Lion, the Ostrich and the Fox Cast:

    Narrator A child Lion A child Ostrich A child Fox A child Cow A child Bull A child Calf A crowd of children representing different animals   The Lion, the Ostrich and the Fox Scene 1 The lion enters, carrying a lead to which is attached a bull, he is followed by the ostrich who is carrying a lead to which is attached a cow:

    Narrator: - The lion and the ostrich decided to buy an old grange and renovate it so that they could live there peacefully.

    The lion and the ostrich smile whilst working on their grange.

    Meanwhile the bull and the cow remain huddled together.

    The cow exits and re-enters the stage several times.

    Each time she comes back, her stomach has grown bigger.