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  • Anglais Quitting smoking

    Christopher Petrel

    • Bookelis
    • 24 Novembre 2018

    Are you ready to commit to quitting smoking? That's half the battle. Now that you're taking this big step, we have lots of help available.Quitting smoking is not easy, but it's worth it! Quitting offers practical tips to help you break your nicotine addiction and kick the cigarette habit for good.

  • This book is made for you who have decided to consult a classical homeopath. Classical Homeopathy was discovered and developed by Samuel Hahnemann (End of 18thcentury). A unique homeopathic remedy is prescribed.

    'Before consultation' establishes the central notion of constitution. Good health is a perfect synonym of a balanced constitution, whereas an unbalanced one leaves the door open to illness. The unique homeopathic remedy restores the balance by giving the individual the equivalent energy.

    'During consultation' explains the state of mind needed to go through consultation, to be as productive as possible. It is a singular living process.

    'After consultation' establishes the importance of the follow up in the homeopathic process. Just because a remedy has been given, this doesn't mean it is all over... things may only be starting!

    Numerous real life case studies substantiate the development of a homeopathic pedagogy. At the end of this guide you will find useful guidelines and practical factsheets for collecting the most important original and specific signs.

  • In 1871, Germany annexed the French eastern provinces of Alsace and Lorraine. Though it conquered their territory, Germany failed in winning over the hearts and minds of many of their people.

    In December 1917, Charles, 19 years old, born and raised in Lorraine, is conscripted against his will to join the ranks of the German army, like 380,000 men from the annexed regions forced to wear the German army's green-grey uniform during World War One.
    Through the offensives carried out by the German army, Charles will find himself in the depth of the trenches, at one point within 8o kilometres of Paris, and trapped in a cave during the bloody battle of Belleau Wood against the American Marines.
    But in the city of Laon, where he meets Isabelle, the paths of war and love will cross.

    Fifty years later, Charles will decide to tell this story, his story, with the help of his war diaries. It will take another fifty years for his work to be completed by his grand-daughter and for this book to be published, in his memory. This book is non-fiction.