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  • This work offers a summary of the book «AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny» by Anthony Robbins.

    If you are in search of a motivating, mood enhancing, go-get-'em, the-world-is-your-oyster kind of read, then this is for you. The fundamental maxim of this summary is that by making a few alterations to what we believe, each one of us has the power to take fate into our hands and to get exactly what we want in any area of our lives.

    The summary devotes one page to the subject of identity - how we see ourselves and how others see us. Our personal identity has a huge influence on our future actions, and this too is something that Robbins believes we have the power to choose and self-correct. The final section of the summary is entitled «A lesson in destiny». It invites us to take full advantage of our time on earth, living each day as if it were the last. It may sound cliché, but it's true. Replete with inspiring quotes by famous thinkers - from Marcus Aurelius to Benjamin Disraeli - this is an inspiring read which will empower you with the right attitude and actions to master your destiny.

  • This ebook offers a summary of the book "THE CHECKLIST MANIFEST - HOW TO GET THINGS RIGHT" by Gawande.

    When solving problems, it's easy to get caught up in the complexities whilst ignoring the obvious, simple solutions. Atul Gawande suggests that every business sector can take some tips from the commercial aviation industry's emphasis on checklists: «Avoidable failures are common and persistent, not to mention demoralizing and frustrating, across many fields. the volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably. Knowledge has both saved us and burdened us. That means we need a different strategy for overcoming failure. And there is such a strategy - though it will seem almost ridiculous in its simplicity. It is a checklist.» Atul Gawande has case studies in both arenas to demonstrate its brilliant commonsense. We have developed such sophisticated, complex systems, that we cannot prevent error by memory alone. Despite the growth of superspecialisation, steps are sometimes missed, which demonstrates that problems often exist not because of a lack of knowledge, but just because routine can create complacency. One especially compelling case is the construction industry, which by using checklists has reduced building failures to 0.00002 percent: given such statistics, why would any business not follow suit?

  • This work offers a summary of the book "EVERYTHING COUNTS: 52 Remarkable Ways to Inspire Excellence and Drive Results" by Gary Blair.Gary Blair is president of his own training organization, TheGoalsGuy. He has more than twenty years experience consulting with companies such as IBM, Federal Express, Disney and others. Mr. Blair is an accomplished keynote speaker and facilitator. His work has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many other publications where he has been described as "one of the world´s most influential thinkers on excellence and productivity"."No matter how you define excellence, it will always include exceptional quality, meticulous attention to details, uncompromising standards, and superior craftsmanship fueled by love and passion. World-class results are the product of world-class habits and activities. From start to finish, the distinguishing characteristics of success are found in details." (Gary Blair)According to Gary Blair, everything you do, say or think has flow-on consequences. In this highly readable book, the author demonstrates how even small things can produce quality results. Blair´s principles not only apply in our business relationships but also in our personal life. A must read for anyone committed to excellence.

  • This work offers a summary of the book «BEING THE BEST: Learn How To Replace Self-Destructive, Popular Myths with Life-Changing, Practical Truths» by Denis Waitley.

    Denis Waitley is described as «one of America's most respected authors, keynote lecturers and productivity consultants on high performance human achievement.» In Being The Best, he argues that success in life is not measured by what a person gets, but by what they continue to do with what they have. The concept of success is very personal. Therefore, happiness and fulfillment are actually generated through the richness of the experience on the journey to success and not in the fleeting moment when someone feels they have arrived. In the final analysis, success is not a destination at all - it's a way to travel.

    According to Waitley, success must be built from the inside out if it is to be sustained over an extended period. It has nothing to do with comparisons to other people, and everything to do with the exhilaration that comes with doing something that is extraordinary, excellent and heart warming.

    Being The Best is a very valuable and inspirational book that will help you unleash your potential and help you be the best you can.

  • This ebook offers a summary of "Be Your Own Brand : Achieve More of What You Want by Being More of Who You Are" In this brilliantly articulate summary, David McNally and Karl Speak argue for the importance of developing one's own personal brand. Companies know and understand the importance of building their brands, and people should do precisely the same thing. Strong brands are fuelled by loyal, lasting relationships, consistent service and added value. Your personal brand involves some of these elements but also the following key components which are outlined by the authors:

    A list of your personal competencies Your personal standards - how you like to get things done Specific style elements - your personality and how you relate to people Your brand promise - what you propose to deliver Your brand platform - your personal signature character trait The summary goes into detail on each of the above points giving a very lucid concept of what a personal brand could and should be. Using real life examples and a series of probing questions, this summary will give you the tools to define your personal brand, as well as the confidence to use it at work and at home. It also encourages you to keep refining and developing your brand manifesto to ensure that it is always authentic and aligned with your goals.

  • This work offers a summary of the book «THE NOW HABIT: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play» by Neil Fiore.

    Neil Fiore is president of his own business consulting and executive coaching firm. He was trained as a professional psychologist and worked with companies such as Bechtel, AT&T and Levi Strauss. He is the author or co-author of several other books.

    In The Now Habit, Fiore describes the act of procrastination. He defines it as «a mechanism which people use to cope with the anxiety or stress involved in starting new tasks or completing old ones.» It therefore becomes clear that the key to overcoming procrastination isn't the usual collection of clichés.

    According to the author, people have to deal with their more deeply seated inner dialogues and their own personal definitions of «failure», «perfectionism» and «work ethic» to overcome procrastination. Fiore offers a strategic system that gives the tools needed to shift gears into a higher level of functioning. Once people take more control over the way they think about their work and motivate themselves, they will then naturally become more efficient and productive.

    The Now Habit is an amazing tool to help those who are used to putting off till tomorrow what they can do today.