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  • What role should parents play in their children's school lives ?

    Are homework and studying useful ?

    Does that mean discipline is not important during the homework and study period ?

    How can we prevent homework and studying from becoming an all-out battle ?

    Can parents help children learn how to learn ?

    What are the main learning strategies we should make children aware of ?

    In dealing with homework are boys really different from girls ?

    Girls and homework: is it always easier for them ?

    My child often forgets to write down what he is supposed to do so we never quite know what his homework is. How should we react ?

    My child's teacher is known for giving a lot of homework and it takes my child two to three hours to complete it. What can I do ?

    ... and the ones your children ask you.

    What's the point in doing homework if the teacher doesn't even correct it ?

    Why should I be forced to read if I don't like it ?

    ... and many other questions !

  • What are the components of healthy self-esteem?
    ­ What kind of parental attitudes help build self-esteem? What attitudes can be harmful to self-esteem?
    ­ What makes up a sense of security?
    ­ Why is self-knowledge so important?
    ­ One-of-a-kind, or just like everyone else?
    ­ Can adult expectations be harmful? Are they sometimes too extreme?
    ­ Is it important to belong to a group? What does it give us?
    ­ What is a sense of competency?
    ­ What are the qualities of a competent parent?
    ­ Is self-esteem the solution to every problem?
    ...and many other questions!

  • What is meant by "adolescence identity crisis"
    Do young people today become sexually active too soon ?
    Should we take it for granted that our teen knows about adequate sexual protection ?
    What can we do if our teen becomes pregnant ?
    Can we help our teens recover their motivation at school ? If, so, how ?
    Is it normal for our teenager to spend a lot of time at the computer ?
    Is there anyting we can do if we don't like our teenager's group of friends ?
    In case of parental separation, is it preferable for teens to live with one parent rather than the other ?
    What are we to think of the tattoo and body-piercing trends that have been adopted by so many teens ?
    Some teenagers suffer from anxiety or depression. What exactly does this mean ? What can we do to help ?
    ... and many other questions !

  • Should I worry if my child's development does not correspond to the ages given in books ?

    When will I know if my child is right or left-handed ?

    Why do 5-to-6 month old babies put their feet in their mouth ?

    My 12-month-old child does not walk. How can I stimulate him to take his first steps ?

    My 2 year old yells and get angry when other children approach his toys. How can I help him to share ?

    Why do 2 year olds have so many temper tantrums ?

    Is it normal for my 3½ year old to talk to a non-existent friend ?

    How can I appease my child's fears ?

    At what age can my child start eating with a fork ?

    At what age can I safely give my child scissors ?

    ... and many other questions !

  • Frédérique Saint-Pierre clinical psychologist

    and Marie-France Viau social worker both of CHU Sainte-Justine answer your questions

    about your children's sexuality...

  • Louis Geoffroy and Monique Gonthier

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