Stephen Desberg

  • Thriller politiqueLa fin prématurée des Hashashins a empêché l'avènement de l'Empire USA, dictature de droit divin qu'une poignée d'ultraconservateurs appelaient de leurs voeux. Mais ne vous y trompez pas : l'Amérique n'a jamais été aussi puissante, et le XXIe siècle sera sien ! Jusqu'à ce qu'un nouvel ennemi émerge des ombres... fussent-elles celles du passé. Car « si l'on n'abat pas son ennemi, les guerres se répètent jusqu'à ce qu'elles trouvent vraiment une conclusion ». Et, aujourd'hui, certains Russes entendent bien écrire celle de la guerre froide !
    Jared Gail, mis à pied par la CIA pour cause de fragilité psychologique, est devenu responsable de la sécurité de Marlin Deckard, un redoutable milliardaire. Une tâche à travers laquelle il espère expier les péchés du passé, en oublier un peu les ombres. Mais ces dernières se rappellent à lui sous la forme de l'ultime SMS de Duane, mystérieusement abattu dans les bureaux d'un avocat londonien. Parti reconstituer la dernière journée de son vieil ami, Jared ne sait pas encore qu'il devra une fois de plus défendre l'Amérique de ses ennemis... comme de ses démons !

  • Lynn, jeune paumée et voleuse surdouée, s'empare d'un médaillon
    égyptien et bascule dans un Paris médiéval. Même endroit, mais autre
    époque et autre Histoire... À Paris, de nos jours, on suit les pas
    d'une jeune femme solitaire et sauvage. Elle pratique la seule
    activité pour laquelle elle est incroyablement douée : Lynn est une
    voleuse ! Son dernier coup de maître : dérober pour le compte du
    sulfureux Argonovitch un médaillon d'une valeur inestimable. Il
    s'agit du médaillon du Dieu Aton dont aucune représentation
    n'existait à ce jour. En essayant d'échapper à la propriétaire du
    joyau, Lynn traverse une porte et se trouve projetée dans un Paris
    parallèle, moyenâgeux, dans lequel l'Histoire ne s'est pas déroulée
    de la même façon...

  • Ostracized from society after committing a gruesome and seemingly unmotivated double murder, John Wallace has lost his fiancée and his future. But even a man with nothing left to lose has something left to fear: Naisha, the witch who wants him dead. On the run after breaking out of prison, Wallace joins a hunting party as a guide, but only to get closer to the highlands of Lake Tana, where a former fellow inmate claimed a treasure was hidden. Wallace plans to use it to beat his retreat from Africa... but will his hopes be dashed?

  • 1920s Nairobi. When two Africans are found gruesomely murdered, all signs point to John Wallace, a promising young plantation owner with a bright future ahead of him and a beautiful bride-to-be. What drove him to kill these men? His silence and a corrupt system lead to internment, without a trial, in a vicious Kenyan prison camp. But sadistic guards, conspiring cellmates, and harsh desert labor are no match for the suffering that Wallace feels inside over the life he lost, and how best to get it back. He's willing to do anything for revenge-even loose the mysterious beast lurking within...

  • Jack had been looking forward to a weekend getaway in Krakow with his girlfriend, Antoinette. Fine dining, Christmas markets, romance in a swanky hotel-life can be sweet sometimes. But when your love is a professional assassin, things can also quickly go sour. For Antoinette, it was a working holiday: she gets her man, a nasty billionaire at the head of a secret organization, but loses Jack in the process. There's no time for tears-at least not yet-as the billionaire's murder is linked to the death of an American dog in Cairo, an art gallery in San Diego, and a perverse secret society in London. Animals may have achieved the same heights of intelligence as humans, but they also share in their capacity for cruelty-unless Jack and Antoinette have their say.

  • In this riveting series finale, Tesio, the prophesied child of two ancient Egyptian deities, has recovered his mother's body from the Louvre and wrested the fourth canopic jar from the convent at Monsarmat, leaving a bloody trail of corpses in his wake. Only one man stands any chance of stopping his mad rise to power: his half-brother Cassio. But since Tesio's poison has stripped him of his immortality, Cassio's going to need a lot of help. From the beautiful young archeologist Ornella Grazzi; from his recently resurrected mother, the goddess Armahl; and from the unlikeliest of sources: his mortal enemy, the monstrous Reptah.

  • Life is good again for Lenny June, legal attaché to the Terran delegation on the developing planet of Mayam. After all, he's bested his scheming former boss the ambassador, ditched an intergalactic cartel's deadly hit woman out in the forbidden wastelands, and gotten away with the priceless relic they were all after: the ancient head of a dead god. But then... who is trying to kill him? Why did the diplomatic core decide not to promote him, and instead, send out a new ambassador... with Lenny's fiancée? And could it be that head isn't actually as dead as he thought?

  • Archeologist Ornella Grazzi doesn't know what to expect when she finally meets with the mysterious man who's summoned her to Paris. Billionaire Jon Vegham seems to be playing a complicated game of cat and mouse with her as he doles out clues not only about Ornella's mother and her death from cancer, but also about Cassio, the potentially immortal Roman whom mother and daughter alike were researching. Meanwhile, in ancient Rome, new information about Cassio's own mother, the goddess Armahl, brings him into conflict with his lover, the beautiful priestess Oasis, and his nemesis, the vengeful Egyptian priest Reptah.

  • The race is on through forbidden Eiam territory as Lenny June, his boss the Terran Ambassador, and the galactic cartel assassin Sebshem Antal Nya, all converge on the coveted prize: shards of a deity vanquished in spectacular aerial combat long ago. These fragments, known as the god's tears, are not only proof of a superior if extinct form of life, but holy artifacts being used in... a mysterious resurrection ritual. Will Lenny June outsmart his wily boss and elude Nya, his fiancée's murderer, to whom he is now irresistibly chemically attracted?

  • The Sherman saga turns over a new leaf by turning to the story of a new generation. When star tenor Ludwig Melchior is found dead in his London flat, neighbors report seeing a woman flee the scene. Meanwhile, his wife Jeannie Sherman is missing. But who would believe such a loving couple could ever have had a fight, much less one that ended in murder? Certainly not their children, Kundry and Jay, who are suddenly all alone in the world, and at the mercy of the Nazi war criminals their parents spent their lives hunting down...

  • The six-part first arc of the "Sherman" saga comes to a stunning end as Jay Sherman races to save his estranged daughter Jeannie and find the mastermind behind his son's assassination. This quintessentially self-made man has pulled himself up from the streets to become a powerful banker, but he's made a lot of enemies along the way, from gangsters to jealous financiers to Nazi war criminals. But with all of them in FBI custody, who's left now to pull the strings? Who's been playing this twisted game of cat and mouse? Jay lays his life on the line to find out.

  • Lenny June's got problems. It's one thing when your boss thinks you're an idiot, but another when he sends two religious fanatics to murder you. And they're not the only threat: an interstellar assassin has killed his fiancée, and is running around in her body. What are they all after? Mysterious gemstones known as Eiam's Tears. Even as Lenny tries to figure out why they're so valuable, the race is on by land and sea and air to Eiam country, a barren wasteland banned centuries ago after a mythical catastrophe. Still, Lenny has the element of surprise. And a monk who thinks he's a god...

  • Cassio may have the ear and favor of Emperor Antoninus, but it's made him more enemies than friends: his aunt's former lover, the Praetorian guardsman Erytheos; the powerful Senator Lernus, father of Cassio's childhood enemy Livion; and even Cassio's faithful former slave Alva. Once she's freed, she joins a plot to take down the very emperor Cassio is trying to save. But Cassio isn't all alone. He's reunited with an old flame, the Apis priestess Oasis. With their rekindled passions, Cassio's magic powders, and the ability of Oasis to see the future, will they triumph over Rome's many traps and betrayals?

  • With the Playboy Killer safely behind bars, all is well in the City of Angels... or is it? Not for one of the intended victims, the beautiful Viktor Scott, whose romantic life-dating Detective Clegg Jordan on the sly-is complicating her newfound hobby as a cat burglar. After all, he's married, and she's feeling more than a little guilty: her friend Juanita has long been Jordan's lover. But when Jordan's wife turns up dead, and the main suspect is his rival, the ambitious detective Ariel Samson, the stage is set for discord within the police ranks: a scandal that will tear the department apart, and the city with it.

  • Lenny June is your average happy-go-lucky expat, out for a good time and a quick buck. And on Tyr Mayam, a technologically backward planet riven by religious rivalries, he has it easy. It helps that he's quick-witted, handsome, and an exclusive member of the Galactic Confederation's Terran delegation to a world that's been declared an ethnologically protected zone for the next 500 years. But Lenny's life is about to change. For one, his fiancée is due from Earth any day now. And Tyr Mayam, with its doomsday cults and competing sects, has surprises in store, buried deep in ancient history...

  • What was Jay Sherman's role during the war? And why does it haunt him even now? In the present day, Nazi commandant Klaus Dimitar has caught up to him, and Jay watches scenes from the war years flash by: the death of his dear friend Karl Jurgen, his daughter Jeannie's desperate search for her captured lover, his being forced into secretly stashing Nazi funds in Brazil, and then that fateful trip to Germany that divided father and daughter forever. But could Jeannie have suddenly resurfaced in Jay's life?

  • When Lt. Clegg's wife gives him an ultimatum-quit the force in 48 hours, or else-the police detective makes it his deadline, telling the press he'll deliver the "Playboy" killer in two days' time. But prostitute-turned-private-eye Juanita Jones is on the murderer's trail too: one that leads her from memories of a party gone wrong to an exclusive hospital to an apartment full of incriminating photo equipment. Viktor Scott, disoriented from trying to recover her lost memories, drifts back into Clegg's orbit, only for Juanita's discoveries to reveal the two cases' hidden connections in this thrilling third installment of the series.

  • Archeologist Ornella Grazzi may have discovered the identities of Cassio's four murderers, but as intrigue and deception thicken around her, she's realizing just how much she has yet to learn about the life and mysterious powers of the Ancient Roman physician and lawyer. But with her double-crossing assistant shot dead, and now a handsome police detective as well, who can she trust? She'll need to find someone to turn to, and fast, as she dives deeper into Cassio's world to find out why his lover Antinoë betrayed him, and discover the full potential of the strange powders he stole from Egypt...

  • Summers in Bayreuth, Germany are idyllic. There, Jeannie falls for the heroic tenor Ludwig Melchior at the world-famous Wagner festival, but the oncoming war-and Melchior's dubious ancestry-looms over their love on the eve of WWII. Back stateside, facing pressure from Congress and his old nemesis David Sterling, Jay Sherman is forced to reconsider his dealings with his old friend Karl Jurgen, whose factories have come under the Führer's control. One Nazi in particular, Klaus Dimitar, is gunning for Jay even now in the present day, and when Jay tries to flee New York, Klaus closes in...

  • Cassio tracks the sinister High Priest to his Temple of the Sands in the middle of the desert, only to find himself bested by the High Priest's disciples, who share Cassio's powers but are better trained to control them. It's up to his slave Alva to save him from near death, with help from a mysterious stranger who turns out to be... Cassio's mother! Reveals and reversals abound as, in the present day, Ornella Grazzi finds the fourth murderer, and the origin of Cassio's powers is brought to light in this thrilling conclusion to the first arc of the historical adventure series.

  • As fear of the "Playboy" killer rises in the city, the pressure is on for LAPD Lt. Jordan to find the twisted murderer who stages boudoir photos with his victims' corpses. But all he's run into are dead ends, and when a mayoral hopeful backs his rival Lt. Samson, Jordan's left feeling like his best days as a detective are behind him. Meanwhile, Viktor Scott's quest to find out what happened to her the night she was almost raped takes a perilous turn, forcing her to blackmail her father's wealthy friends, placing her once more in harm's way.

  • Hollywood, 1961. After a blow to the head, the beautiful Viktor Scott wakes with no memory of her attempted rape that left her permanently deaf. But her rich father has stifled the police investigation for fear of bad publicity. When Viktor begins a new life as a cat burglar, it seems only a matter of time before she crosses paths with the straight-shooting Lt. Clegg. But better to run afoul of a hard-bitten detective than his quarry: a serial killer with a twisted appetite for posing his victims' corpses as Playboy centerfolds. A mid-century noir redolent of Ross MacDonald and James Ellroy.

  • Rome, 145 CE: Cassio, a prominent lawyer who once saved the Emperor's life, wakes in the night to noises. Four assassins have entered his villa and overpowered his formidable slave, the warrior Alva. He seems to know them, and knows why they have come... Ephesus, present day: archeologist Ornella Grazzi finds a ruin with a fresco of Cassio's face. The papyrus scrolls inside tell the beginning of a story she has long suspected and been searching for clues to all her life: how Cassio survived his own assassination and came back from the dead for vengeance...