Mitch Zacks

  • The must-read summary of Mitch Zacks' book: "Ahead of the Market: The Zacks Method for Spotting Stocks Early - In Any Economy".
    This complete summary of the ideas from Mitch Zacks' book "Ahead of the Market" shows that many investors rely on annual analyst reports, which are designed to advise which stocks to buy/ sell or hold. However, despite the fact that over $1 billion a year is put towards these reports, this summary sides with many other investors in thinking that a lot of the content is corrupt and biased in favor of the companies that fund them. This guide suggests that rather than following one report; you should combine the research compiled by a larger sample of analysts. This will teach you to identify certain patterns in what the analysts say and how their views change over time. You will then be better informed and be able to develop a better method for making smart investments. To this end, this summary offers four key analyst investment strategies to follow. 
    Added-value of this summary: 
    o Save time 
    o Understand the key concepts
    o Increase your business knowledge 
    To learn more, read "Ahead of the Market" and discover how to spot winning stocks, and steer clear of untrustworthy analyst reports.

  • A timely guide to making the best investment strategies even better A wide variety of strategies have been identified over the years, which purportedly outperform the stock market. Some of these include buying undervalued stocks while others rely on technical analysis techniques. It's fair to say no one method is fool proof and most go through both up and down periods. The challenge for an investor is picking the right method at the right time. The Little Book of Stock Market Profits shows you how to achieve this elusive goal and make the most of your time in today's markets. Written by Mitch Zacks, Senior Portfolio Manager of Zacks Investment Management, this latest title in the Little Book series reveals stock market strategies that really work and then shows you how they can be made even better. It skillfully highlights earnings-based investing strategies, the hallmark of the Zacks process, but it also identifies strategies based on valuations, seasonal patterns and price momentum. Specifically, the book: Identifies stock market investment strategies that work, those that don't, and what it takes for an individual investor to truly succeed in today's dynamic market Discusses how the performance of each strategy examined can be improved by combining into them into a multifactor approach Gives investors a clear path to integrating the best investment strategies of all time into their own personal portfolio Investing can be difficult, but with the right strategies you can improve your overall performance. The Little book of Stock Market Profits will show you how.