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  • Today, as cities undergo rapid and dynamic transformations, riddled with uncertainties about the future, the roles of urban planning and urban planners lie in one of these new crossroad moments. Climate change, urban migration, social inclusion, health emergencies and financial and economic crises have elevated urbanization to newer heights of complexity that can only be tackled by integrating a multitude of scenarios, strategies and discourses, in order to create an urban future that is resilient and sustainable. Urban planners have come up with transition proposals and concepts that they hope will be able to respond to cities' challenges and ultimately allow them to adapt and make the transition into more robust urban areas. This book presents and discusses various urban transition strategies, action plans and programs that have been proposed or even conducted in different countries all over the world. Different countries require different strategies, but they all have the same goal in mind, each of them trying to address urban complexities and cope with the rapid pace at which the world is evolving.