Marta Martinez

  • "LE RÈGNE DE L'HOMME TOUCHE À SA FIN, LE MONDE ANIMAL SE RETOURNE CONTRE LUI Cela fait 400 000 ans que l'Homme s'est hissé au sommet du règne animal. Aujourd'hui, il est menacé par une révolution globale, une révolution d'origine animale. Partout dans le

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    This edited collection is a novel book with contributions from eleven expert researchers on the history of tourism in Europe. This book explores the growth of tourism in contemporary postwar Europe, especially during the periods following the First and Second World Wars and the Spanish Civil War. It reveals both the work carried out by social agents and institutions to develop tourism, and the contribution of tourism in boosting the economy and the recovery of morale in the Old Continent

    Its origin is the International Congress Postguerres / Aftermaths of War, organized by the Department of History and Archeology of the University of Barcelona, ??in Barcelona, ??in June 2019. In this Congress, professors Carmelo Pellejero  and Marta Luque coordinated the session Post-war and tourism in contemporary Europe, in which all the authors of the book participated.