Joseph Sarkis

  • Greening the Supply Chain

    Joseph Sarkis

    • Springer
    • 21 Septembre 2006

    Since the Rio summit in 1992, the paradigm of corporate environmental responsibility has gradually and consistently extended beyond complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulation and taking up the proactive initiatives of a few world-class companies. Research indicates that the business and financial performance of companies may depend directly on socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Many world-class companies now realize that customers and other stakeholders do not distinguish between a company and its suppliers. As a result, greening the supply chain is an innovative idea which is fast gaining attention in the industry.

    Greening the Supply Chain is a compilation of important chapters written by a diverse set of international authors which incorporates a broad variety of perspectives including:
    topics on conceptual development and principles of green supply chain management;
    empirical studies which provide the reader with practices and concerns of industries throughout the world including Asia, Europe and North America;
    quantitative and analytical tools to aid in environmental supply chain design and development, and;
    case studies of implementations of green supply chain practices which describe the complexities facing organizations, supply chains and industries and how they address these environmental concerns through technical and managerial measures.
    Industry practitioners and policy makers will read Greening the Supply Chain for the insights it provides into a topic of such emergent and growing concern. Undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers in this field will also find this comprehensive and international view of environment supply chain management theory and practice a valuable resource.