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  • Captured and imprisoned in the Roca Negra fortress, XIII is being tortured by the sinister Colonel Peralta. But, for all his pain and suffering, he's also in the same building as Maria, the woman who may be his wife. And they have plenty of dedicated, resourceful friends outside... as well as at least one traitor. Still unsure of his past, Jason McLane will have no choice but to become the man known as "El Cascador" to clean up Costa Verde once and for all.

  • Jolan has agreed to leave his family and serve Manthor, after he
    saved Thorgal's life. The mysterious mage has promised him an
    exceptional destiny - if, that is, the young man proves worthy of it.
    So begins a series of trials during which Jolan, on his own at first,
    will meet four other youngsters. They, too, have unusual powers.
    They, too, are on their way to Manthor's castle. Will they be allies,
    or enemies?

  • 20 seconds to tell the difference between friend and enemy, tochoose
    between life and death.Poor Largo is beside himself with worry. The
    lovely Saidee, with whom he's fallen madly in love, hasvanished. In
    fact, she's being held prisoner by a CIA agent who'd forced her to
    infiltrate a fundamentalistnetwork hell-bent on blowing Winch up -
    but which is actually being manipulated by a Russianbusinessman...
    Phew. Nothing is ever simple with Largo! How is he supposed to save
    his love, keep hisgroup going - while also staying alive, if at all

  • Blake and Mortimer head to the United States to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the discovery of a 177-year-old body, which appears to have died very recently. The body is that of a Scottish major, Mortimer's forebear, who was leading a British military expedition to the US in 1777, where he was swallowed up by a strange multi-coloured light-beam shining down from the sky. Blake and Mortimer fight men in black armed with green-laser guns and soldiers emerging from the past in order to save the Earth from complete obliteration.

  • Captured and then abandoned by Olrik, Mortimer is now lost at sea with no provisions. Fortunately, he can always count on Blake. Once reunited, and with the help of some old friends, the two British gentlemen continue their dangerous mission to stop Von Stahl from resurrecting the Third Reich using the evil power of the 30 pieces of silver. a mission that will take them throughout Greece and into the very Kingdom of Hades!

  • In Pennsylvania, Olrik escapes a federal prison by helicopter after a bloody attack. With Blake forced to cut short his holidays at the news, a disappointed Mortimer turns his attention to Greece, where an earthquake has uncovered an ancient chapel. Before long, people are trying to kill Mortimer over a mysterious Roman silver coin. Could the long-lost relic be one of the 30 denarii paid to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus? And who exactly covets it so much?

  • A plane from a South American company crashes in the jungle. Only half of the passengers and crew survive. Some businessmen, a university professor, a steward, an aging movie star, a banana republic general, a young boy and his nanny... All these varied personalities will have to find a way to unite and work together to survive. But who should they listen to? Who should they follow? Who can they trust? And is relief even on its way?

  • Anglais Kivu


    • Cinebook
    • 20 Février 2020

    A powerful and thrilling adventure in the heart of one of the worst
    places on this world - a potential paradise turned into hell by human
    greed and barbarity. An uncompromising denunciation of the tragedy of
    Kivu. The province of Kivu in the Congo is rich in rare and precious
    minerals such as coltan, which is vital to our modern technology.
    However, that wealth is coveted by so many, within the Congo or
    abroad, that the entire region is a permanent bloodbath. François
    Daans, a young Belgian engineer working for an unscrupulous
    corporation, arrives in Kivu. His encounter with a young girl,
    survivor of the latest massacre, will be an eye-opening experience
    and force him to pick a side ...

  • Wrongly accused of causing the recent stock market crash, Largo is in
    trouble. His attempt to find electronic proof of some external
    manipulation ends in disaster, and in the meantime the deeds to the
    entire group have been stolen. The body count keeps rising, and a
    suspicious guardian angel with golden hair is keeping a close eye on
    him. Largo will have to go to Saint Petersburg to unravel the
    /> multiple layers of this mystery and prove his innocence.

  • When the notion of welfare state gets out of control, where will
    bureaucratic absurdity stop in its quest for universal happiness?
    This series of vignettes depicts slices of life from different people
    - different destinies that will all come together for the terrible

  • Largo Winczlav, born in Yugoslavia, is an orphan. Thousands of miles away, one of the richest men in the world will change Largoetapos;s destiny. He has the same name, but slightly different: etamp;ldquo;Winch.etamp;rdquo; This man, Nerio Winch, wants to find an heir to his empire and adopts Largo, offering him the best education. When his adoptive father disappears under dramatic circumstances, Largo inherits the W Group, the biggest conglomerate of multinational enterprises ever possessed and managed by a single man. From now on, he will be worth $10 billion. Which is not to everybodyetapos;s taste, as he is about to find out...This two-volume book includes etquot;the W Groupetquot;.

  • Largo's best friend, Simon Ovronnaz, is being targeted by the secret services of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Simon and his girlfriend are wrongfully convicted of murder and imprisoned. After a very flawed trial, Simon is condemned to death and transferred to the infamous Fort Makiling. Blissfully ignorant of his friend's fate, Largo is enjoying a romantic adventure at the top of the world, while the plot against him deepens dangerously.

  • A veritable secret war for power takes place behind the scenes in big financial groups. One of the most common methods of attack is the takeover bid: A would-be buyer offers to acquire all available shares of a rival at a determined price in order to control it. The W group is attacked by FENICO, a business conglomerate. As if this were not enough, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service also takes on Largo Winch. Will he lose his entire fortune?This two-volume book includes etquot;Business Bluesetquot;.

  • Thorgal and his family have left Arachnea's island to continue seeking a place to live in peace. As they sail along unknown shores, they're attacked by pirates, then rescued by Prince Zarkaj, who takes them to his palace and pampers them - especially Aaricia. But when Jolan and his mother turn out to have caught the terrible Blue Plague, the prince has them thrown into a guarded pit to die - and it's up to Thorgal to escape in search of a cure.

  • Thorgal's family is once again reunited, but the future is bleak. The hero is unconscious, dying, and his wife and children are exhausted and starving. Aaricia's prayers bring her some hope: the goddess Frigg is willing to save Thorgal ... But her husband Odin is determined to get rid of the troublesome Child of the Stars once and for all. So begins one last challenge for Thorgal and his son Jolan - a final chance to obtain what they've always dreamed off: a quiet, uneventful life ...

  • The first two volumes of the adventures of Thorgal, published in
    1980, translated into English at last in this retroactively numbered
    double volume. Thorgal's coming-of-age is painfully similar to the
    rest of his life: the young man finds himself tied to the stone of
    sacrifice by Gandalf the Mad, king of the Vikings of the North and
    father of his beloved Aaricia. There, the Child of the Stars can do
    /> nothing but wait for the coming tide - and death. Until, that is, a
    mysterious sorceress with flaming red hair comes to offer him a deal:
    his life, and revenge, for one year in her service.

  • It is time at last for Thorgal to return to his family. However, Aaricia is not staying idle after her rescue by Jolan, and tries to put together a fleet to attack Shaigan's stronghold ? unaware that her husband is no longer the dreaded pirate lord. By the time the two find themselves on their own island again, Aaricia is disinclined to simply forgive everything, and locks Thorgal up in a cage while she makes up her mind about him.

  • mé Aaricia and her children, sold as slaves to an Imperial prince, refuse to believe that Thorgal is dead, and keep trying to escape, eventually wearing off their new owner's patience. Condemned to a year of hard labour in the silver mines, they meet someone unexpected there: Kriss of Valnor, wielding the whip of a forewoman, yet a prisoner like them. Despite their mutual hatred, the two women will have to work together to escape...

  • Twenty years have passed since the survivors of the Corsair crash emerged from the jungle. But suddenly they begin dropping like flies. Rafalowski, the cowardly pianist, vanishes. Miss Taylor, the nanny, drowns. Draillac, who was 12 at the time of the accident, is kidnapped and believed dead... His abductors are actually members of an intelligence service and staged his death ... to save his life - someone is trying to eliminate all the survivors...

  • It's been two years now since Thorgal and his family left the north to look for some hypothetical country where men might live in peace and harmony. They are sailing along a deserted and inhospitable stretch of land when Aaricia and the children convince Thorgal that enough is enough. But before they have a chance to turn around, they come across two strange characters who seem fascinated with Thorgal, and that night their boat is mysteriously torched...

  • 5 - The Land of Qa ISBN: 9781905460809 Price: £9.99 inc. VAT * Overview * Reviews (1) PAPERBACK Authors: Rosinski & Van Hamme Age: 12 years and up Size: 18.4 x 25.7 cm Number of pages: 96 colour pages Publication: March 2009 The Land of Qa: Kriss de Valnor, the deadly warrior-woman and Thorgal's arch enemy, has Thorgal's and Aaricia's son abducted. She demands that Thorgal and Aaricia go on a quest to find the magical mask if they want to save their son.

    The Eyes of Tanatloc: Thorgal's son Jolan, prisoner in the kingdom of Xinjin, meets the God Tanatloc. Tanatloc, at the end of his life, reacts strangely when Jolan speaks Thorgal's name...

    This two-volume book includes «The Eyes of Tanatloc».
    By Richard Bruton Forbidden Planet - May 2009
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  • Thorgal, Aaricia and Kriss of Valnor are finally approaching Mavaxatl, the city of the lost god. When Thorgal understands the real goal of their mission and Kriss's duplicity, he tries to escape. But Kriss is determined that he complete the mission...This two-volume book includes etquot;Between Earth and Sunetquot;.

  • Largo is in London for a board meeting with his group's various CEOs. At the same time, he's negotiating with a French aeronautics firm for a deal based upon a groundbreaking new technology. But the British capital seems to be the centre of a curious convergence: people with no apparent links to each other gravitate towards Largo and his inner circle. Old lovers, new flames, intelligence agencies, terrorists... Will the billionaire recognise his true allies amidst such a tangled web?

  • Thorgal, Aaricia and Jolan sail north, and are almost home when they encounter the drakkar of Wor the Magnificent, the new king of the Northland Vikings. When Thorgal refuses to follow Wor on a raid, he and his family are left to finish the short trip on foot.

    When Thorgal leaves a near-term Aaricia with Jolan and goes to find transportation, enemies appear and threaten them all. As they fight for their lives in the wild, it is from the wild that life will come.