• Ce recueil est une "saga poétique" évoquant un peuple premier qui voit avec tristesse et quelque peu de crainte, son monde connu peu à peu s'effacer ou se transformer avec l'irruption puis la présence d'un autre venu le dominer. Ces textes abordent les thèmes de l'incompréhension, de la domination et de la prédation. Mais surtout, ils parlent du temps, l'usure du temps et encore plus de la mort.

  • Philosophie, poésie, mystique : entre ces champs divers de la connaissance et de l'action, le présent ouvrage, en décrivant l'efflorescence des formes montre l'implication de l'esthétique littéraire dans la philosophie d'aujourd'hui.

  • Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d'un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d'origine.

  • Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d'un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d'origine.

  • This comprehensive review covers the full and latest array of interventional techniques for managing chronic pain.  Chapters are grouped by specific treatment modalities that include spinal interventional techniques, nonspinal and peripheral nerve blocks, sympathetic interventional techniques, soft tissue and joint injections, and implantables.  Practical step-by-step and evidence-based guidance is given to each approach in order to improve the clinician's understanding.  Innovative and timely, Essentials of Interventional Techniques in Managing Chronic Pain is a critical resource for anesthesiologists, neurologists, and rehabilitation and pain physicians.

  • This book comprises the Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12), which was held at COEX in Seoul, Korea, from July 8th to 15th, 2012. ICME-12 brought together 3500 experts from 92 countries, working to understand all of the intellectual and attitudinal challenges in the subject of mathematics education as a multidisciplinary research and practice. This work aims to serve as a platform for deeper, more sensitive and more collaborative involvement of all major contributors towards educational improvement and in research on the nature of teaching and learning in mathematics education. It introduces the major activities of ICME-12 which have successfully contributed to the sustainable development of mathematics education across the world. The program provides food for thought and inspiration for practice for everyone with an interest in mathematics education and makes an essential reference for teacher educators, curriculum developers and researchers in mathematics education. The work includes the texts of the four plenary lectures and three plenary panels and reports of three survey groups, five National presentations, the abstracts of fifty one Regular lectures, reports of thirty seven Topic Study Groups and seventeen Discussion Groups.

  • This book discusses a variety of topics in mathematics and engineering as well as their applications, clearly explaining the mathematical concepts in the simplest possible way and illustrating them with a number of solved examples. The topics include real and complex analysis, special functions and analytic number theory, q-series, Ramanujan's mathematics, fractional calculus, Clifford and harmonic analysis, graph theory, complex analysis, complex dynamical systems, complex function spaces and operator theory, geometric analysis of complex manifolds, geometric function theory, Riemannian surfaces, Teichmüller spaces and Kleinian groups, engineering applications of complex analytic methods, nonlinear analysis, inequality theory, potential theory, partial differential equations, numerical analysis , fixed-point theory, variational inequality, equilibrium problems, optimization problems, stability of functional equations, and mathematical physics. It includes papers presented at the 24th International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (24ICFIDCAA), held at the Anand International College of Engineering, Jaipur, 22-26 August 2016. The book is a valuable resource for researchers in real and complex analysis.

  • Wheat researchers have made unique contributions and excellent progress to the production increase over the past several decades, mainly in the less developed countries; however, there are many challenges that still lie ahead to make food more accessible than ever before in a sustainable manner and to meet the needs of a global growing population. Numerous biotic and abiotic stresses affect wheat in major production areas and its future growth will most likely come from marginal envir- ments where such stresses play even more important role. Developing countries are becoming increasingly urbanized. As urban populations grow, productive land disappears and this implies the need for more intensive cropping to keep pace. Water utilization for agriculture is also facing more competition from uses in urban areas. Focused efforts to improve wheat water-use efficiency are crucial to ensure sustainability of food production in water-constrained regions. Current crop management systems such as reduced or zero tillage, stubble retention and precision agriculture are vital to satisfy the increasing needs of food and maintain at the same time the sustainability of natural resources. The widespread adoption of conservation farming techniques requires the introduction of changes to wheat varieties in disease resistance, particularly stubble-born diseases.

  • Some of the most recent and significant results on homomorphisms and derivations in Banach algebras, quasi-Banach algebras, C*-algebras, C*-ternary algebras, non-Archimedean Banach algebras and multi-normed algebras are presented in this book. A brief introduction for functional equations and their stability is provided with historical remarks. Since the homomorphisms and derivations in Banach algebras are additive and R-linear or C-linear, the stability problems for additive functional equations and additive mappings are studied in detail. The latest results are discussed and examined in stability theory for new functional equations and functional inequalities in Banach algebras and C*-algebras, non-Archimedean Banach algebras, non-Archimedean C*-algebras, multi-Banach algebras and multi-C*-algebras.Graduate students with an understanding of operator theory, functional analysis, functional equations and analytic inequalities will find this book useful for furthering their understanding and discovering the latest results in mathematical analysis. Moreover, research mathematicians, physicists and engineers will benefit from the variety of old and new results, as well as theories and methods presented in this book.

  • This self-contained monograph presents an overview of fuzzy operator theory in mathematical analysis. Concepts, principles, methods, techniques, and applications of fuzzy operator theory are unified in this book to provide an introduction to graduate students and researchers in mathematics, applied sciences, physics, engineering, optimization, and operations research.  New approaches to fuzzy operator theory and fixed point theory with applications to fuzzy metric spaces, fuzzy normed spaces, partially ordered fuzzy metric spaces, fuzzy normed algebras, and non-Archimedean fuzzy metric spaces are presented. Surveys are provided on: Basic theory of fuzzy metric and normed spaces and its topology, fuzzy normed and Banach spaces, linear operators, fundamental theorems (open mapping and closed graph), applications of contractions and fixed point theory, approximation theory and best proximity theory, fuzzy metric type space, topology and applications.

  • This book comprises the full selected Regular Lectures from the Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12), which was held at COEX in Seoul, Korea, from July 8th to 15th, 2012. ICME-12 brought together 4700 experts from 100 countries, working to understand all of the intellectual and attitudinal challenges in the subject of mathematics education as a multidisciplinary research and practice. These selected Regular Lectures present the work of fifty-one prominent mathematics educators from all over the globe. The Lectures cover a wide spectrum of topics, themes and issues and aim to give direction to future research towards educational improvement in the teaching and learning of mathematics education. This book is of particular interest to researchers, teachers and curriculum developers in mathematics education.

  • Dynamic Semantics

    Paul J.E. Dekker

    The integrated theory of dynamic interpretation set out here will be a surprise to advanced researchers in linguistics. It combines classical formal semantics and modern dynamic semantics without altering the fundamental paradigm. At the book's core lies a pragmatically motivated notion of a dynamic conjunction of meanings, an idea that is worked out in full formal detail. This is applied to linguistic phenomena that involve anaphora, quantification and modality. The author demonstrates that in each area of application existing data can be neatly combined with new dynamic insights, but more importantly, there is a genuine further pay-off: the work generates treatments of phenomena that were not initially intended, with functional readings of pronouns and quantifiers, `Hob-Nob' sentences, and insights into what we now call `Pierce's Puzzle'.

    The outcome of a decade of work by the Amsterdam School of dynamic semantics, this volume condenses and reflects upon a vital body of research.

  • Effective Education for All deals with cultural-linguistic diversity and how to work in classrooms with culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students. It is essential reading for teachers, administrators, parents of CLD students, and policy makers if we are to continue to see progress and success from our graduates. This book is both practical and helpful for educators and their schools in offering Positive Behavior Support (PBS), illustrating key steps in understanding the problem and research on cultural-linguistic diversity. The authors offer resources to help educators and their families to understand the failures and successes with these students within the context of their particular schools and communities. What works with one group and age cohort may change as students develop within local and regional contexts.

  • This book discusses the rapidly developing subject of mathematical analysis that deals primarily with stability of functional equations in generalized spaces. The fundamental problem in this subject was proposed by Stan M. Ulam in 1940 for approximate homomorphisms. The seminal work of Donald H. Hyers in 1941 and that of Themistocles M. Rassias in 1978 have provided a great deal of inspiration and guidance for mathematicians worldwide to investigate this extensive domain of research.The book presents a self-contained survey of recent and new results on topics including basic theory of random normed spaces and related spaces; stability theory for new function equations in random normed spaces via fixed point method, under both special and arbitrary t-norms; stability theory of well-known new functional equations in non-Archimedean random normed spaces; and applications in the class of fuzzy normed spaces. It contains valuable results on stability in random normed spaces, and is geared toward both graduate students and research mathematicians and engineers in a broad area of interdisciplinary research.

  • In this unique and dramatic account of the rise of neoliberalism Howard and King consider the major features of historical materialism, the factors which resulted in 19th and 20th century thinkers incorrectly predicting the long-term decline of the market, and the prospects for a reversal of neoliberalism in the 21st century.

  • This thesis presents various applications of graphene-based nanomaterials, especially in biomedicine. Graphene and its derivatives have gained enormous attention from scientists in all fields of study due to many unprecedented properties. The initial scientific attention was focused on the development of transparent flexible electrodes by exploiting two-dimensional graphene film's extraordinary electrical and physical properties. Recently, given an increasing evidence of dispersed graphene-based nanomaterials' biocompatibility, researchers have endeavored to employ these materials in other studies relevant to biomedical technologies.

    In this respect, the thesis provides a comprehensive review on the synthesis, toxicity, and a few of the key biomedical applications in the first chapter. The following chapter discusses the use of a graphene film as a novel catalyst to oxidatively destroy phenols, which are known to be potentially mutagenic and carcinogenic. Finally, and most importantly, the last chapter introduces the therapeutic role of graphene quantum dots, the smallest graphene-based nanomaterials, for Parkinson's disease. The results are promising for the use of graphene quantum dots as the basis of future clinical drug candidates for neurodegenerative disorders. 


  • La última década del siglo debía significar para América Latina la consolidación democrática y la inserción en la nueva economía-mundo. Pero en un contexto de crisis económica y ajuste neoliberal, el proceso resultó mucho más complejo de lo esperado. Nuevos problemas y nuevos actores cuestionaron los marcos que parecían definitivos. Nuestro continente, y dentro de él los países andinos, se encuentran así en una situación difícil pero fértil en nuevas posibilidades. El presente volumen contiene una selección de las ponencias presentadas a las Primeras Jornadas de Politología: "Las formas políticas de la democracia en los países andinos" convocadas por el Instituto Francés de Estudios Andinos (IFEA). El texto se divide en cuatro secciones que abordan temas cruciales para el futuro de nuestros países: Democracia y partidos políticos; democracia y etnicidad; problemas de la transición democrática; democracia y violencia.

  • Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d'un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d'origine.

  • Âge : À partir de 5 ans
    Un petit livre amusant pour lecteurs débutants
    Et toi, que voudras-tu être quand tu seras grand ? Pompier ? Présentateur télé ? Joueur de foot ?
    La collection « Un jour je serai » emmène les enfants à la découverte des métiers. Ces livres ludiques leur permettront également de découvrir les joies de la lecture avec un vocabulaire adapté à leur niveau.
    Les Éditions Caramel :
    Depuis plus de 20 ans, les Éditions Caramel créent chaque année des histoires inoubliables qui sont lues par des millions d'enfants à travers le monde.
    Les plus belles créations des Éditions Caramel sont désormais disponibles en version numérique pour le plus grand plaisir des petits et des grands !
    Un jour, je serai... Pompier parce que je voudrais sauver des vies ! Quand un immeuble sera en feu, je viendrai à toute vitesse avec mon grand camion rouge. Je serai courageux, j'éteindrai les flammes avec ma lance à incendie et j'irai chercher les gens pour les sauver !

  • Cette édition automnale de Séquences fait la part belle aux textes analytiques, coeur d'une revue spécialisée, en laissant à son pendant web le soin de critiquer l'actualité cinématographique d'ici et d'ailleurs au rythme où elle se vit, poussant les collaborateurs à « réfléchir vite et à penser avec [leurs] tripes ». « Envol 2.0 » comme le souligne Élie Castiel en ouverture de ce numéro. Numéro qui présente en couverture Le problème d'infiltration de Robert Morin, avec qui Élie Castiel s'est entretenu. Retrouvez aussi un gros-plan sur Dunkirk de Chrtistopher Nolan, la première partie d'une étude sur le cinéma autochtone et la seconde de celle sur l'homosexualité à l'écran. Pour rendre hommage à la cinéaste québécoise d'origine tunisienne Michka Saäl, disparue soudainement au cours de l'été, l'équipe de Séquences publie une entrevue inédite, menée en 1995. Le numéro se conclut avec un salut aux artisans du grand écran qui nous ont récemment quittés.

  • Ce numéro d'été est le fruit d'une collaboration spéciale avec la photographe Anne-Marie Guérineau. Les nouvelliers se sont inspirés d'une sélection de photos tirées de l'exposition Que fais-tu là? tenue à Trois-Rivières à l'automne 2016. Ces photos de famille, volontairement surannées et prosaïques, sont des portraits de personnes du quotidien posant pour la mémoire. Le lecteur les trouvera reproduites aux côtés des nouvelles qu'elles ont inspirées. Ce numéro devient ainsi une espèce d'album de famille métaphorique, en plus de regrouper la quasi-totalité du collectif de rédaction. Les nouvelles hors thème présentent des fictions sur la psychanalyse (Claudine Potvin), la genèse du christianisme (Jean-Pierre Vidal) et la tragique mort d'un chien (Robert Baillie). Le traducteur Jean-Marcel Morlat fait découvrir l'auteur anglais James Kirkup, avec « Le maître du bonsaï », une nouvelle campée au Japon. Enfin, David Dorais livre un compte-rendu du recueil néoféministe Des femmes savantes de Chloé Savoie-Bernard.

  • L'édition hivernale de la revue Études littéraires est consacrée à l'héritage intellectuel et littéraire de Jeanne Lapointe, professeure de littérature à l'Université Laval, ayant oeuvré pour la modernité dans le Québec des années 50. L'accent y est mis sur sa contribution littéraire, ses textes et ses collaborations, ancrés dans sa passion pour la littérature, la poésie et les idées, ainsi que sur les amitiés nées de son activité de mentore. Claudia Raby et Lucie Robert dans leur article respectif se penchent sur le rôle déterminant joué par Jeanne Lapointe au sein de l'institution universitaire dans les décennies 1950-1960. Camille Néron examine son discours sur la poésie entre 1954 et 1996. Les contributions de Nathalie Watteyne et Mylène Bédard, elles, proposent des analyses du travail d'accompagnement critique avec plusieurs écrivaines québécoises. Enfin, Lori Saint-Martin retrace son parcours de doctorante avec Jeanne Lapointe et le cheminement parfois ardu des femmes au cycle supérieur.

  • La tragédie de Lac-Mégantic a attiré l'attention générale sur le transport ferroviaire et ses dangers. D'aucuns se sont étonnés que le train passe si près du centre-ville. C'est pourtant la ville qui s'est construite autour de la voie ferrée et non l'inverse. Ce rajustement de perspective rappelle le rôle majeur joué par le train dans l'histoire du pays. Sans minimiser les conséquences dévastatrices du déraillement de l'été dernier, le dossier de printemps de Continuité fait acte de mémoire en explorant notre patrimoine ferroviaire, qu'il prenne la forme de véhicules conservés au musée, de gares transformées en centre d'interprétation, de construction de génie toujours en opération ou de tronçons de chemin de fer transformé en piste cyclable, par exemple.

  • Phloem: Molecular Cell Biology, Systemic Communication, Biotic Interactions is a timely collection of research on the cellular and molecular biology of this plant vascular tissue. Recent advances in phloem research have revealed the centrality of this plant tissue to whole plant development and physiology. Building on advances made through developments of new analytical technologies, this book will provide readers with a current and comprehensive reference on the role of phloem in plant growth and development. Collecting the work of a global team of leading researchers, Phloem will provide the reader with a valuable synthesis of the latest research in a single volume.