• Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d'un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d'origine.

  • Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d'un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d'origine.

  • Sophie is young and beautiful with a successful career. Her passionate affair with Italian banker, Roberto, soon progresses beyond conventional sexual attraction. As Roberto tests her limits, Sophie discovers a deep longing for discipline and the pleasures of submission. Eventually, Roberto's friend Alex invites them to become members of the Society, a secret and tightly regulated fraternity of men who hold their women in common. In an elaborate initiation ceremony, she vows to make herself available to any member who requires her. She'll be summoned at a moment's notice to the apartments and offices of the Society's members. Just how far will Sophie go to prove her love for Roberto?

  • After the death of his beloved wife, Marcus vowed not to become emotionally involved with another woman. But for a man of his sexually dominant nature there are needs to be met, and Marcus has found an ingenious way to meet those needs, becoming a 'Master for Hire', a skilled Dominant, who offers his services to submissive women who cannot get the kind of kinky sex play they need by any other means. Women under his domination are forced to submit to their darkest fantasies, stripped, whipped, humiliated and trained to slavishly serve, each one according to their peculiar desires. From simulated rape to scenes of deep depravity, Marcus leads clients longing for the sexual satisfaction they desire into the worlds they've only dreamed of. In the process, Marcus' life becomes a dream come true for a Dominant man. While Marcus takes great pride in his work, he stands aloof from his submissives, determined not to have intercourse with's a hard stand, but one he feels sure will keep his Dom/sub relationships from spinning into dangerous emotional predicaments he'd prefer to avoid. But when the stunning brunette Roxanna crosses his doorstep, Marcus is irresistibly drawn to this fascinating submissive, a woman whose past history has left her with extreme sexual needs and volatile emotions. 'I want to be aroused. I want to be mastered. I want to be loved,' she tells him earnestly. Marcus has no plans to love this woman, but in spite of himself, his affection for her blooms wildly. Even in the face of her cruel and vindictive husband, he cannot resist her allure. He soon learns, however, that the price to have her will be high...maybe more than he's willing to pay. A fascinating story of Dominance and submission, as well as a master's primer of sadomasochistic technique.

  • had always had my secret life, the thoughts I kept buried even from myself except at night in bed when solitary lust overcame me. I'd never acknowledged them to any man, and I never intended to. I reasoned that if a man knew what I was like, deep down, he'd despise me. Anna's deep dark secret is soon to come to life! A chance meeting has introduced her to the Dominant Roland, and he quickly, systematically, trains the naturally submissive Anna into being his perfect plaything. His complete control of her gives Anna the sexual satisfaction she's always desired, but Anna's submission has only begun. Joining them is Belinda, a submissive on loan from her master. The two women develop a quick attraction and soon have sex - without Roland's permission, earning them a uniquely a stiff reprisal. Later, when a young and handsome `Dom in training' is added to the trio, Roland finds that he must keep a tight rein on their flagrant passions. While Roland's dominion over Anna seems unshakable, an unexpected new twist in their relationship requires a new level of submission on Anna, challenging the fast bond with the master she loves.

  • The feisty and independent American Emma, delves into the world of submission with an online Master. But then Gerry, a man sent by her Master, arrives and takes her to London for a first facetoface meeting. Instead of meeting her master, she's given to Mrs. Bradshaw who prepares her with vigorous physical workouts, anal dilation and punishment. Later, she's ordered to practice oral sex with Gerry. Even when her beloved master finally arrives, there's more exacting discipline and painful punishment. She masturbates for him, endures biting nipple clamps and serves guests naked at a dinner party. What she wants most to be sexually taken by the man still eludes her. And yet, if she can meet his rigorous requirements, she'll play an honored role in her Master's life. A real look into the life and training of a submissive female..

  • Matt is a talented artist. One day he meets Elizabeth, a successful and independentminded businesswoman. They begin an affair, in the course of which Matt finds that Elizabeth has strong submissive tendencies, but refuses to be bound by conventional notions of monogamy. He himself is untutored in the ways of D/s, but with Elizabeth's active encouragement he soon discovers his dominant side. Together they explore the full range of D/s experiences: bondage, humiliation, the pleasure and pain of nippleclamps or whipping, forced orgasms, anal and oral sex on command. Elizabeth agrees to submit to a strict regime of sexual conduct, with Matt dictating what clothes she should wear (he has very firm views about underwear), and how often she may come. He makes her perform a variety of domestic chores under threat of severe punishment if her work is unsatisfactory. Elizabeth's independent nature makes her rebel against the more humiliating tasks, but Matt now has the bit between his teeth and enforces strict discipline. He also discovers that he gains pleasure from offering Elizabeth to other men; threesomes and foursomes soon follow. Elizabeth takes Matt to visit her former Dom, Jonathan, who has a new submissive, Daisy. The two men avail themselves of both girls in a night of extravagant sexual indulgence, in which Elizabeth is forced to submit to Daisy as well as to the two men. Finally, now that she is firmly "under his thumb" Matt marks Elizabeth's successful attainment of full submission by decorating her body and having her pose naked as a living artwork for his guests at a celebration party.

  • Poverty is a multi-dimensional concept which is complex in its origin as well as in its manifestations. Oppression and denial of Human Rights can contribute to poverty. However, this oppression and exploitation of the poor is not to be understood simplistically but as a systemic injustice rooted within the context of well organized socio-political and cultural structures of oppression. This study is a concerted effort to identify, articulate and highlight the existence, the causes and effects of poverty in Nigeria, particularly in Igboland, where Human Rights infringements have contributed to poverty. It also aims at alerting the respective governments to their administrative inadequacies that are contrary to social ethics and have given rise to poverty. It concludes by discussing viable strategies of alleviating poverty in Igboland.