Rain Wolf - Volume 1

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Rain Wolf, a young native American, is in trouble. He just killed a white man in an act of self-defense. Justifiable in the eyes of the law... when it's a white man who does it. Bruce, the son of influential railway magnate Vincent McDell, springs his friend Rain Wolf from jail and vows to protect him. Rain Wolf has no choice but to go into hiding. Sent along to accompany him by the tribe sages is Little Moon, the woman Bruce's brother Jack is in love with. Little Moon is at the age to marry, but she doesn't yet know who her husband will be. Her mystical grandfather gives her a monocle with strange powers that seems to be guiding her. Meanwhile, the Cody brothers are called upon by the dead man's mother to bring down the man who killed her son. They're hot on the trail of the two runaways, having first kidnapped Blanche McDell. But they're not the only ones...

Rayons : Bandes dessinées / Comics / Mangas > Bandes dessinées > Ados / Adultes > Action / Aventures

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Jean Dufaux

Jean Dufaux est né à Ninove en Belgique en 1949. Après des études à l'Institut des arts et diffusion de Bruxelles où il se familiarise avec les procédés cinématographiques qui influenceront son écriture en bande dessinée, il devient journaliste. Il débute dans la BD en 1983 dans le "Journal de Tintin". Aujourd'hui auteur de Jessica Blandy, Beatifica Blues, Fox, Giacomo C., Ombres, Rapaces, Djinn et Murena. Il réside actuellement en Belgique.