Murena 6. The Blood of Beasts

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Massam, the slave that Poppaea uses to do her dirty work, is given the order to exterminate Balba the gladiator and his accomplice Evix, the woman who dared better Nero in a chariot race. The pair of them are considered dangerous enemies of the emperor. At the imperial palace, while Nero is making plans for a whole new Rome, Poppaea lounges around with her entourage. Arsilia, one of those closest to her, is secretly summoned to meet Petronius the poet in a rough part of town. There she finds Murena, with whom she was rather enamored in the days when he was close to the emperor. Murena is convinced that Arsilia is implicated in the kidnapping of the only woman he's ever loved, and that she knows where she's been taken. Murena is determined to find his lover, and so decides to leave for Gaul. Balba and Evix say they'll accompany him, but on one condition: when they come back, Murena must help them eliminate Nero, the tyrant who killed Britannicus.

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Jean Dufaux

Jean Dufaux est né à Ninove en Belgique en 1949. Après des études à l'Institut des arts et diffusion de Bruxelles où il se familiarise avec les procédés cinématographiques qui influenceront son écriture en bande dessinée, il devient journaliste. Il débute dans la BD en 1983 dans le "Journal de Tintin". Aujourd'hui auteur de Jessica Blandy, Beatifica Blues, Fox, Giacomo C., Ombres, Rapaces, Djinn et Murena. Il réside actuellement en Belgique.