Anglais prepare for the change (EDITION EN LANGUE ANGLAISE)

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Includes 13 illustrations - 130 footpages notes - Arround 481 Ebook pages. Interactive table of contents with hyperlinks.

We fear that our world is on the brink of chaos. It feels fragile and destructible. We sense that our planet cannot be pilfered and deteriorated any longer without our ecosystems and our lives to be seriously impacted. Added to that, many prophecies like the famous Mayan calendar predict the end of the world and include descriptions of events that we are experiencing today. But "Prepare for the change" is not pessimistic. It brings a message of hope with simple, concrete and above all positive tools so that everyone can cross serenely this transition period.
This book is intended for all who yearn to understand the upcoming events and who want to get prepared.
The author: Dr. Luc Bodin PhD. has a degree in clinical oncology and is specialized in naturopathy: homeopathy, phytotherapy, nutrition, micro-nutrition, acupuncture as well as disease imagery and symbolism, neuro linguistic programming and energy healing. He is also a scientific consultant with health magazines and the author of several books in the fields of his competence such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Ho'oponopono, healing energy...

Rayons : Sciences & Techniques > Sciences de la vie

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Luc Bodin

Dr Luc Bodin est médecin, spécialiste en médecine générale, diplômé en cancérologie clinique, spécialisé en médecines douces : homéopathie, acupuncture, phytothérapie, oligothérapie, neuralthérapie, micro-nutrition, diététique, myothérapie, l'ostéopathie, micro-immunothérapie, mais aussi PNL, sophrologie, symbolique des maladies et enfi n médecine énergétique. Il est également conseiller scientifique auprès de plusieurs revues et auteur de nombreux ouvrages de santé. Il organise en outre des stages où il enseigne à tous, individuels comme thérapeutes, comment soigner avec les énergies à l'aide de ses seules mains.