Anglais Cullin-RING Ligases and Protein Neddylation

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This book summarizes all the important aspects of CRLs (Cullin-RING E3 Ubiquitin Ligases), while providing details of mechanistic specifics that go beyond protein ubiquitination and neddylation. Ubiquitin ligases, including the CRLs, which are activated by neddylation, play an important role in diverse biological processes and are involved in various human diseases, particularly cancer. The book covers various topics, such as CRL structure, biology, genetics, its regulation by neddylation, its pivotal role in human disease, and its potential in drug discovery and targeted therapies. The book appeals to biochemists and biologists working in other fields, and, given the importance of CRLs in all aspects of cell biology and the great promise of targeting these complexes for therapy, is a valuable resource anyone interested in modern biology or medicine.

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