Anglais Radionuclides in the ocean ; input and inventories

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IPSN compiles and reviews the available information on artificial radioactivity in seas and oceans. The data collected in this book give an assessment of radionuclide distributions which will be useful to address scientific and wider public concerns about radionuclides found in the aquatic environment.
Pierre Guéguéniat, Director of the IPSN Marine Radioecology Laboratory, at Octeville near Chercbourg, is a specialist in radio-chemistry and ardionuclide maigration in the marine environment. He has developed in Europe the use of artificial radionuclides as tracers to improve our knowledge of currents in the Channel and the North Sea.
Pierre Germain, deputy Director, is known for his studies on radionuclide accumulation by animal and algae species, from the whole body to the cell.
Henri Métivier, Director of Research, member of the International Committee for Radiological Protection, has long experience of Human contamination by radionuclides.

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