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An accessible introduction to the field of clinical psychologyfocused on the roles both science and clinical experience play intoday's evidence-based practice environment Clinical psychology has been undergoing a revolution--driven byresearch and the need to identify and develop scientifically proveninterventions that improve client care. By the time a studentcompletes his or her graduate work, the field will have evolvedeven more. With the role of clinical psychologists and theenvironment in which they work rapidly evolving, the trainingchallenge has never been so great. Thorough and realistic in presentation, Clinical Psychology:Integrating Science and Practice helps students gain the tools theyneed to become thoughtful and effective clinicians. This accessiblywritten text provides a foundation of the basics of thepsychotherapy process, grounded in an integration of its science,theory, and, ultimately, practice. Filled with case examples that illustrate realistic clinicalscenarios, this text offers: * A detailed look at basic clinical tasks and skills that comprisethe nuts and bolts of a practitioner's work * Chapters on research, working with cultural diversity, interviewingand assessment, developing evidence-based treatment plans,practicing ethically, and caring for yourself and colleagues * A consistent format in each chapter made up of learning objectives;chapter introductions; orienting headings and subheadingsthroughout; figures, tables, and boxes; chapter summaries; andhelpful chapter appendixes * An online Instructor's Manual featuring chapter-by-chapter quizzes,essay questions, supporting materials, key words, and PowerPointslides Clinical Psychology: Integrating Science and Practice paints avivid portrait of the work of the clinical psychologist anduniquely illustrates clinical psychology's richness and historicalsignificance, as well as its leadership in the scientificdevelopment of methods and techniques for clinical assessment andintervention.

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